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How can I know the size of my Tyre?

Check out the sidewall of your tyre. The code embedded reveals below details. Tyre Width, Aspect Ratio and the Wheel size values are required to select a tyre for your vehicle

How can I find the nearest dealer?

CEAT Sri Lanka has Island wide dealer network with more than 550 dealer locations. Click here to access CEAT store locator.

What's the best CEAT Tyre model suits for my vehicle ?

CEAT Sri Lanka has various tyre models to cater your desires. Check out CEAT SRI LANKA Product Catalogue or Contact us via 0117 780 380

How can find the most suitable tyre for my vehicle ?

1. Match the correct tyre size with the rim size.
2. Select correct Ply Rate of the tyre with vehicle weight(G.V.W)
3. Don’t mix & fit dag tyres with new tyres in duel fitments.
4. Don't use new tyres with used tyres for duel fitments.
5. Don't fit Radial tyres with Bias tyres in duel fitments

What's the price of my tyre?

CEAT Sri Lanka has fixed a Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for its tyres. However, This price is only a guide as CEAT Dealers can offer a discount to MRP. To obtain a quote on tyres and tyre-related services, please contact your nearest CEAT Sri Lanka dealer, locate your dealer here.

How Long Will Tyres Last? / What's the maximum milage that I can run a new tyre?

Many factors influence treadwear or life expectancy, including driving habits and style, terrain tye, vehicle type, tyre type, vehicle maintenance, tyre maintenance, and so on. As a result, determining mileage expectations is impossible. Here are the guidelines for our Limited Warranty: https://www.Ceat/warranty
We recommend vehicle users to check tyres/vehicle by a authorise CEAT delaer in your area to see if there is a mechanical or maintenance issue that is causing the quick or irregular wear pattern.
CEAT MILAZE HD and FUELSMARRT technology allows you to run more miles. Find out more about CEAT.

Warranty Period of CEAT Tyres ?

Truck Tyres - 3yrs
Passenger Car, SUV, Motor Cycle and other tyres - 4 Years
**Contions apply.
Contact Call Centre for more details

How can I get my warranty claims?

1. Make a complain to CEAT Dealer location and handover the tyre.
2. Get in touch with the CEAT Dealer for updates.

How can I learn more about CEAT Tyres ?

Contact us. Get in touch with our Tyre Care Specialist at CEAT Sri Lanka headquarters. Hotline -0117 780 380 Technical Assistance Team - 0112822800

What shold be followed to eliminate dual rubbing in heavy load segment specially for TBR tyres

Tyre clearance is the minimum space between two tyres in a dual tyre axle. Click here to view CEAT technical specifications, it may be helpful for you.

What's the ideal tyre presure for Light Trucks / Trucks?

Ideal tyre inflation presure is vary as per the load. Click here to view the recommended tyre inflation presure guide from CEAT.

How should I mount and demount truck Tyres to avoid bead damages?

There's a recomneded and standard procedure that you should follow to mount and demount truck tyres. Click here to view recomneded Tyre mounting and demounting procedure by CEAT.

There's a recomneded and standard procedure that you should follow to mount and demount truck tyres. Click here to view recomneded Tyre mounting and demounting procedure by CEAT.

To get run the maximum mileage and best performance from your truck tyres, tyre rotation at a perticeler frequency is very important. . Click here to view recomneded tyre rotation plan by CEAT.

CEAT Truck Tyre Service Guide

Click here to view CEAT Truck Radial Tyre guide and get sorted all of your tyre care issues.