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CEAT is Sri Lanka’s leading tyre brand in terms of overall market share, manufacturing capacity and brand equity. CEAT Kelani Holdings manufactures more than half of the country’s pneumatic tyre requirement and has achieved dominant market shares in most of the product segments. The CEAT brand was ranked fifth among Sri Lanka’s strongest brands and as the most valuable consumer brand in the ‘Motor’ segment in the 2021 Brand Finance rankings and was also conferred a ‘AAA - ’ brand rating – the second best rating awarded to any consumer brand in Sri Lanka.

A Global Brand Presence in Sri Lanka

CEAT is the largest manufacturer of bias and radial pneumatic tyres in Sri Lanka, with an overall market share of over 50%, controlling  one of the country’s largest dealer network.


Since 1992


110+ Countries

Global Network


OEM Partners


Dealers Islandwide

Driven by Values

To provide better value to every passenger and goods Carrier in the nation through economical and technologically advanced tyre solutions

Innovate and Lead

Our passion for innovation and our efforts to excel is synergized by cutting edge technologies, processes and practices with sustainable development that produce high quality and economically beneficial tyre solutions, whilst demonstrating respect for customers, stakeholders, the society and environment.

Our Journey


CEAT India enters the Sri Lankan market by forming a 3-way joint venture with Sri Lanka’s Associated Motorways (AMW) and Kelani Tyres (PVT) Limited, to manufacture and market CEAT tyres for the Sri Lankan market. A new company, CEAT Kelani International Tyres (Pvt) Ltd is incorporated for this purpose.


sets up the first Radial tyre manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka.


Enters the two-wheeler tyre segment through outsourced manufacturing.

2009 :

AMW exits joint venture. CEAT India and Kelani Tyres (Pvt) Limited continue the partnership as a 50:50 joint venture.


The joint venture enhances and expands manufacturing capacity for Truck and Bus by 20%.


Ventures in to manufacture of two-wheeler tyres.


Enhances Radial manufacturing capacity by 60%


Enhances Radial manufacturing capacity by a further 35%


A major Rs 3 billion expansion plan is launched in January 2018, for expansion of volumes, technology upgrades and new product development, taking the cumulative investment to Rs 8 billion to date.


CEAT’s ground-breaking TBR (Truck Bus Radial) production facility commences production in April


‘Two-wheeler’ tyre outputs are increased by 85% to meet local market needs following import restrictions on tyres.


CEAT achieves capability to supply 100% of truck and bus tyre requirements, saving Rs 11 billion in foreign exchange for the country.


A new, locally-manufactured heavy-duty tyre for trucks, CEAT LYFMAX, is launched in August.


Radial tyre production is increased to 600,000 units per year, to support government efforts to conserve foreign exchange through domestic production of tyres.


Truck Bus Radial tyre production is increased by 125%


Two new tyre presses are commissioned at the Kelaniya factory.


The CEAT brand is ranked the most valuable consumer brand in the country’s ‘Motor’ segment in the 2021 Brand Finance ranking.


Ravi Dadlani

Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer

Ravi Dadlani is the Managing Director/CEO of CEAT Kelani International Tyres, A joint venture between CEAT India Ltd and Kelani Tyres PLC, Sri Lanka. His professional career encompasses more than 30 years of experience including Managerial in the manufacturing, FMCG, food & Beverages, industrial and Consumer Durable Industries in Sri Lanka as well as in international markets.

His industry experience covers from startups in Sri Lanka to established international brands re launched. His professional expertise covers general management sales management, brand management, product management, and strategic planning retail promotion in diverse sector. His active involvement with the sales and marketing fraternity in Sri Lanka has contributed to development of the profession, whiles he currently also contributes to the development of the rubber industry as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka association of manufactures and exporters of rubber products.

Mr. Dadlani has also influenced the careers of many sales and marketing professionals being a resource person for training and program on the subject. A dynamic and energetic individual he has been instrumental in strategic planning for the implementation of ground breaking initiatives in the sectors, he has been involved in, while leading dynamics teams in several market leading brands/industries both in the international and domestic markets.

A past pupil of Royal College Colombo, Ravi Dadlani entered the field of Sales and Marketing in 1989, after completing his preliminary marketing studies with the Charted Institute of marketing (CIM), UK. His exposure to several international study programs at NUS, ISB, JUSE and IIMA are key leanings that he brings to the industry.

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Shamal Gunawardene

Chief Operating Officer

Shamal Gunawardena is a seasoned marketer with 20+ years of Marketing and Sales management experience in the Food and Beverage industry. Further, he has significant expertise in leadership roles with 11 years of Country Leadership level reporting to the Managing Director. Shamal has served as both Director Sales and Commercial and Country Commercial Manager at Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd. (CCBSL) for 11 years cumulatively. He had previously taken on the roles of Portfolio Band Manager and Channel Development Manager at CCBSL. Shamal was also the Country Business Manager - Sri Lanka and Maldives at Cadbury Plc. and Brand Manager for the Pizza Hut and Delifrance Chain in Sri Lanka. Shamal is a Certified Management Accountant and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) together with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Wales.

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Thushara Hettithantrige

Vice President - Human Resources

As a consummate Human Resources professional, Thushara’s experience in the field span over 20 years. Having headed Group HR functions in reputed conglomerates such as Richard Peiris (Arpico) Group of Companies, he is well versed in growing potential of the workforce at scale, through the establishment of empowering and rewarding work environments. Thushara adopts a strategic view of talent acquisition and development that is aligned with CEAT Sri Lanka’s core ideals. The company culture and the overall performance dynamic stems from his vision for Human Resources, both of which are instrumental in the nurturing of individual as well as team mindsets. He is also responsible for setting company-wide skill benchmarks to constantly evolve capabilities, which make the yearly achievement of business objectives possible. Thushara holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Monash University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

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Vipul Vaid

Chief Financial Officer

Vipul holds over 10 years of collective experience within the RPG Group and CEAT. Having started out as Head of Commercial for International Business at CEAT India, he progressed on to become the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director. Subsequently, he led the Project Management Office and played a pivotal role in defining a new purpose and vision for the company, emphasizing on strategic aspects of the business. Vipul also has extensive experience in areas of Business Finance and Digital Transformation, having proven himself to be equally adept at driving profitability as well as digitalizing business processes. Key achievements in the latter role include a 90%+ conversion of dealer payments into digital and automated route planning for distribution. As CFO for CEAT Sri Lanka, his primary scope is to sustain the company’s financial strength while also heading IT operations and driving organization-wide digitalization. Vipul holds a B.Com Degree from St. Xavier’s College (Kolkata) and an MBA in Finance from NMIMS. He is also a qualified Chartered Accountant.

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Manojkumar A S

Head of Manufacturing

Manojkumar brings over 28 years of versatile manufacturing experience to CEAT Sri Lanka. Having held responsibility over an expansive portfolio of tyre brands such as Dunlop, Apollo and JK, his exposure covers every aspect of a production operation including maintenance. As a hard core manufacturing specialist, he possesses a highly ranged awareness of global best practices and the strategic understanding on implementing them to continuously improve PQDSCM parameters. Manojkumar provides both management and operational leadership to CEAT Sri Lanka’s two manufacturing facilities, which serve the critical purpose of supplying to cater to the country’s tyre demands across all segments, through both Radial and Bias-play products. He is the holder of a B Tech Mechanical Degree from the Calicut University – Kerala, India.

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Kiran S Shettigar

General Manager Technology

Mr. Kiran S Shettigar Joined CEAT Sri Lanka as General Manager - Technology and a Member of EXCOM. He has over two decades of experience across Passenger Car Radial - Process Technology and New product Industrialization. He has an educational background of Diploma in Rubber Technology and Mechanical Engineering. He started his career with Apollo Tyres in 2003 and associated with CEAT Tyres since 2011. He handled critical assignments like PCR Product establishment and industrialization for Europe entry. More than 300+ Sizes industrialized in Halol Ceat India and played critical role in VW, Renault, Hyundai MSIL etc. OE size process release and certification. He has experience in Green field and played a critical role in the manufacturing plant setup and Phase 2 PCR Expansion of CEAT Halol. He owned and lead the TBM upgradation project (worth of 340 million) from Finger type to Expandable drum conversion resulting in Uniformity and Machine reliability improvement and many more projects. Also, he has 2 patents Registration in Technology. His hobbies are playing cricket, Volleyball and Long-distance driving.

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Sushil Bahilani

General Manager - Procurement

Mr Sushil Bahilani is the Head of Procurement and a Member of the EXCOM. He has over two and half decades of experience in the Procurement of RM, Capex, Indirect Material, Marketing Spend, Stores etc. Prior to joining RPG in 2023, Sushil was working as Dy VP at OTR Tyre Manufacturing Co. in India. He started his career with Ashok Leyland in 1995 and handled Stores, Indirect Spend and Cutting Tool Procurement. He played an instrumental role in the Green Field project of Renault Nissan in India For 2000 Cr INR Capex Investment. He was also responsible for De bottlenecking of the Tata Nano Project in India. Sushil is a Mechanical Engineer with GDMM from IIMM Bangalore. He unwinds by Walking and indulges in reading books and articles which are a blend of philosophy and management.

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Chaminda Thushara

General Manager of Quality-based Management

Chaminda Thushara is the General Manager of Quality-based Management and a member of EXCOM. Boasting over 20 years of experience in engineering, production, and plant operations with CEAT. Thushara's overarching goal is to empower the team to deliver products and services that not only meet but exceed the expectations of valued clients. By integrating Total Quality Management (TQM) principles into daily operations, he ensures that the company not only meets current market demands but also anticipates and proactively responds to future challenges. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering dedication to efficiency, he collaborates closely with cross-functional teams to identify areas for improvement, implement best practices, and champion a customer-centric approach. Thushara is leading the company on a journey towards the establishment of Prestigious Deming Principles in operations. Educationally, Thushara is an alumnus of Asoka College Colombo. He holds NDT in engineering from the University of Moratuwa, an MBA from the University of Kelaniya, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Quality Management from the Mahindra Institute of Quality, India and he is a Lean Green Belt holder from the Institute of Lean Management in Sri Lanka.

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We at CEAT Sri Lanka recognize and value the importance of a healthy and safe work environment. The happiness and self growth of every employee is important to us. CEAT’s passion for valuing its people is evident throughout the organisation. Our team is motivated to higher levels of job performance by positive recognition from their managers and peers, each person is encouraged to constantly keep moving forward in their career a perfect reference to our company purpose "Make mobility safe and smarter, everyday.

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At CEAT, the most important factor in shaping your Careers path is, YOU – it is all about the set of skills, goals and motivations that you bring to work every day. The main reason people choose to join CEAT is because of the work we do.The sheer scale of capabilities on the field; rigorous cross functional expertise, managerial action plans and the exercise of cracking tough business challenges differentiate us from most other companies. Our training and development programs are designed in association with some of the best industry experts institutes in the world, and are supported by development centers that map competencies and identify development needs.

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